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Though individual athlete’s are known to have some very personal superstitions about what to do or not to do, before, during and after a game, here are some common superstitions in the world of...

Evil Days in Midieval England 0

Evil Days in Midieval England

For those who could read, lists of ‘evil days’ were printed in almanacs. On these days people would refrain from travelling as it was believed that those who journeyed on evil days would either...



In Italy, bagpipe drones are traditionally tied with red ribbon to ward off the devil. Some believe that you should only walk clockwise, never walk counter-clockwise while playing piobaireachd. Many people believe that you...

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Do not shake hands or kiss over the threshold of a door. It forms a bridge that allows the devil or evil spirits from the outside to enter the house this way.



Never give a Russian woman an even number of flowers. Even numbers are for the dead. Always give odd numbers. When you order a dozen, or two dozen roses, for her, ask them to...

Surgery and Wounds 0

Surgery and Wounds

A Russian superstitions says: Never demonstrate another’s surgery or wound on your own body with your hand or other means as you are likely to visit that upon yourself. You may try to remedy...

Flower Petals 0

Flower Petals

Young girls play a game where they pull the petals off of flowers using an alternate saying of “he loves me” and “he loves me not” with each petal pulled. Many believe that the...

Magic Words 0

Magic Words

Some believe that the word Abracadabra was once used as a protective word on amulets and charms. Early Christians believed that it had the power to ward off evil spirits. Others believe that it...


Walking Over a Grave

Do not walk over someone who is lying on the ground, it’s like walking over their grave. When you shiver for no reason, it means someone is walking over the ground where you will...

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If you are an avid golfer, some things to keep in mind in order to have a good luck outing are to set out for golfing on a rainy day and start your round...