All the bits of strange your grandparents lived by & warned you about.



If you stumble when you leave your house at the beginning of your journey or stumble more than once during the course of your journey, you are advised to postpone or end the trip...

Christmas Superstitions 0

Christmas Superstitions

Mistletoe should never be brought into the home before New Years Eve. It’s unlucky to take down mistletoe used as a Christmas decoration. Therefore, the dead piece of twig is supposed to stay there...



If the tea-kettle boils, you will boil your beaux away. Salem, Mass. If you have a cup of tea handed to you, and there are little bits floating on top, they represent the number...

Dresses and Dress Making 0

Dresses and Dress Making

If you have a dress with rings for a figure in it, it is a sign you will be married before it is worn out. New York. If you have hearts in a figure...



If you fall up stairs, you will have a new beau. Tumble up stairs and you’ll not get married within the year. (Hence old maids were formerly said to be careful how they went...



If your apron string becomes loosened, your true love is thinking of you.  New York. If your apron drops off, you’ll lose your beau. The same is true if you lose your garter.  Stevens...



Some people maintain the superstitious belief that when a part of your body is itchy and you feel like you need to scratch it, someone or something is trying to tell you something. This...



Never put shoes on the bed, it will bring about a death in your family. Don’t put shoes on the table, it’s bad luck and is symbolic of hanging. Don’t give your partner shoes...



It’s said that salt represents friendship, so when you spill salt, you might lose a friend, but you can avoid it by throwing a pinch with your left hand over your left shoulder. Salt...

Leaves 0


If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn you will not catch a cold all winter.