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Dog Superstitions Unleashed

Early Morning Barks and Bad Omens Beware the early-morning barker! According to superstition, running into a noisy dog at the crack of dawn spells bad luck. It seems not all dogs are morning enthusiasts!...


Dreaming About Cats

View Superstitions About Exploring the Enigmatic World of Cat Dreams Dreaming about Cats: Portents and Prophecies In the realm of dreams, cats emerge as mysterious symbols, triggering a myriad of superstitions and interpretations that...


Superstitions About Death

If you trip and fall in a graveyard you will most likely die by the end of the year. If you meet a funeral on the road you must turn and walk with the...



To tell the time, blow three times at the seed head of a dandelion. The number of seeds left is the hour. To find out how long you will live, blow the seeds off...



Dreams at night are a devil’s delight, Dreams in the morning, heed the angels’ warning. If you have the same dream three times in a row, its bound to come true. To dream of...

Evil Days in Midieval England 0

Evil Days in Midieval England

For those who could read, lists of ‘evil days’ were printed in almanacs. On these days people would refrain from travelling as it was believed that those who journeyed on evil days would either...

Dresses and Dress Making 0

Dresses and Dress Making

If you have a dress with rings for a figure in it, it is a sign you will be married before it is worn out. New York. If you have hearts in a figure...

Dishes 0


Ukranian: Breaking a dish is good luck.

Donkeys 0


It’s good luck to see a donkey. When a pregnant woman sees a donkey, her child will grow up well behaved and wise. It’s good luck to find a dead donkey. (?!) A donkey...

Dolphins 0


If a dolphin changes color, death is near. Weather Omens: Dolphins playing in fine weather or near the shore means the weather will turn windy. Dolphins playing in the turbulent sea, or swimming to...