Burning Cheeks Superstition

superstition about burning cheeks

What Hot Cheeks Say

Ever felt that sudden warmth on your cheeks, like they’re on fire? According to superstitions, that’s no mere blush; someone might just be talking about you.

Russian Right vs. Left Cheek

In Russian folklore, the right and left cheeks carry different tales. A burning right cheek might be a positive sign, hinting that a beloved or close person is thinking fondly of you. However, if it’s the left cheek, beware! It suggests enemies gossiping or spreading lies about you. And if your entire face is burning, brace yourself for tears soon.

Mystical Verse and Interpretations

An intriguing rhyme captures the essence of burning cheeks, painting different fates depending on the source of gossip. A maid, wife, or widow, each with a unique outcome, aligns with the burn’s source.

Right cheek, left cheek, why do you burn?
Cursed by she that doth me any harm.
If it be a maid, let her be slayed,
If it be a wife, let her lose her life,
And if it be a widow, long let her mourn;
But if it be my own tru love, burn, cheek, burn.

Decode the Burning

Another belief offers a decoding strategy. One burning cheek means a friend’s positive thoughts; both cheeks aflame indicate romantic discussions. Running a golden ring over the burning cheek could reveal the nature of the chatter. A red trace implies neutral talk, while darkness hints at criticism or jealousy. No trace? Well, that’s probably good news!

Unveiling the Gossiper

To uncover the chatterer, summon the names of acquaintances in your mind. As you mentally conjure each image, watch for the heat to vanish upon pronouncing the right name.

Cheeks and Personality Traits

The Round, the Fat, and the Hollow

Beyond gossip, cheek shapes in superstitions reveal more:

  • Rounded Cheeks: Symbolize liveliness and wisdom.
  • Fat Cheeks: Suggest sensuality and greed.
  • Hollow Cheeks: Associated with coldness or meanness in personality.

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