Spider Superstitions

spider superstitions

Spider’s Luck: Weavers and Prosperity

Symbolism and Money Matters

Spiders aren’t just eight-legged critters; they carry symbols of luck, especially for weavers and spinners. Their name itself comes from “spin,” hinting at their association with fabric. In some traditions, spiders are seen as fortune bringers in money matters. Because of their skillful trapping of prey, an image of a spider is often worn as an amulet that attracts and holds wealth.

Pueblo Indians’ Spider Woman

In the lore of the Pueblo Indians in Southwestern North America, Spider Woman was the creation goddess, also known as Creation Thinker Woman. Like a spider spins from her body substance, she weaves life and creation from her thoughts. This powerful goddess is revered and associated with the act of creation.

Spider Webs and Weather Predictions

Winter Weather Forecasts

Folklore hints that spiders could hold clues to the weather:

  • Larger webs spun by spiders can signal a cold winter.
  • Flying spider webs foretell dry spells.
  • Dew-wet spiderwebs that dry quickly indicate a fine day ahead.
  • Spiderwebs afloat during an autumn sunset may predict a night frost.
  • Spiders moving down from their webs suggest impending rain.

Irish Beliefs and Weather Warnings

Many Irish folks hold a superstition that sparing spiders from harm prevents storms.

Proverbs and Superstitions

“Live and Thrive: Let a Spider Run Alive”

This proverb advises against killing spiders, with roots in Irish and Scottish folklore. Ukrainians believe that eliminating a spider in the house invites bad luck. Irish beliefs favor having spiders around the house as a good sign.

Money, Luck, and Spiders

  • Spotting small spiders or ‘money spiders’ is linked to financial fortune.
  • If a spider is hard at work spinning its web, it might mean your hard work will pay off with increased income.
  • Some believe that if a spider crawls into your pocket, you’re set for financial stability for life.

Spider Sightings and Omens

Timing and Encounters

Different times of day for spider sightings carry varying superstitions:

  • Seeing a spider in the morning might foretell bad news or mourning.
  • Noontime sightings could bring anxiety, while evening sightings may signal financial misfortune.
  • In Indian households, spider webs are deemed dirty and considered an ill omen.

Other Superstitions

  • Spotting a black spider might be interpreted as a sign of imminent death.
  • Various situations involving spider appearances hint at trips, receiving letters, or even the presence of enemies.

Historical Beliefs and Superstitions

Middle Ages and Spider Superstitions

In medieval times, spiders were considered lucky. People would trap spiders in walnut shells to create protective necklaces out of their silk. Spiders were also associated with primitive medical cures, believed to absorb diseases when captured in boxes or bags until they died.

Omens and Illnesses

An old saying indicates sorrow, worry, gift, or despair based on the time of day a spider is spotted, reflecting various superstitions attached to spider sightings.

A spider in the morning is a sign of sorrow;
A spider at noon brings worry for tomorrow;
A spider in the afternoon is a sign of a gift;
But a spider in the evening will all hopes life.

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