Automobile and Car Superstitions

car and automobile superstitions

Good Luck Charms

Transferring “lucky” items from an old car to a new one might not just be sentimental. According to some beliefs, carrying over certain trinkets or tokens can bring good fortune to your new ride. Also, snagging a car previously owned by a wealthy individual could supposedly up your chances of joining the ranks of the prosperous.

Steer Clear of These

If you’re superstitious, keep these in mind before revving up:

  • Thirteenth Trouble: Avoid buying a car on the thirteenth day of the month, or if the license plate bears the number 13. It’s believed to usher in bad luck, and who needs that on the road?
  • Trouble-Free Talisman: Trading in a car that’s been a reliable partner might be a red flag in the world of automotive superstitions. Some say it could bring misfortune to switch to a new set of wheels if your old car has been trouble-free.
  • Color Caution: Green cars? They might be eco-friendly, but superstition says they’re not fortunate. Steer clear if you’re wary of bad luck hitching a ride.
  • Jinxed Journeys: Think twice before discussing a recent accident or mishap just before hitting the road. According to superstition, it’s tempting fate and inviting trouble during the drive.

Rainmakers and Other Quirks

Ever heard this one? Washing your car somehow summons the rain. While it may seem counterintuitive, some believe that giving your vehicle a scrub can lead to an unexpected downpour. Maybe nature just wants to give your sparkling car a test drive in its freshly washed glory!

Additional Beliefs

Mysterious Mysteries

In the realm of car superstitions, there are plenty of unique beliefs that you might not expect:

  • Unlucky Lights: In some cultures, turning the car’s lights on inside the garage is thought to bring misfortune or bad luck.
  • Petrol Predictions: Some believe that running your car on an empty tank can draw misfortune and may even lead to a string of bad luck in other aspects of life.
  • Seat Shuffle: Changing the driver’s seat settings frequently without reason might invite mishaps on the road, according to certain beliefs.
  • Keys to Luck: Dropping your car keys may seem minor, but in superstition, it’s considered an omen of potential trouble ahead or a delay in plans.

Gearing Up for Luck

Apart from avoiding the alleged jinxes, some also believe that driving without your shoes brings good luck. In various cultures, it’s thought to invite positive energy or even improve your driving skills.

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