Pregnancy & Predicting the Sex of the Baby

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  • Malaysia: When in labor, neither mother or father should sit at the top of the stairs, as blocking any passage prolongs delivery.
  • If you are pregnant, wear perfume if you go out at night because it keeps bad spirits away. (Gannett)
  • If you’re pregnant, you don’t want to be caught following a hearse.
  • Aztec: A pregnant woman who saw an eclipse would have a baby with a harelip.


  • An expecting mom that rubs her stomach too much may produce a spoiled child.
  • A baby born with thick ears or an “inny” (concave navel) is a sign of future happiness and success.
  • The first object a baby grabs signifies the child’s destiny.
  • Rub a cooked chicken’s tongue on your baby’s lips to make your child a good talker.
  • In China, it is said that a mother can affect the baby’s gender by eating the following 7 days before conception.
  • To have a boy eat the following:

    • carrots
    • lettuce
    • mushroom
    • tofu
    To have a girl eat the following:

    • fish
    • meat
    • pickles

    To predict the sex of a baby:

    • Suspend a wedding band or a needle held by a piece of thread over the palm of the pregnant girl. If the ring swings in an oval or circular motion the baby will be a girl. If the ring swings in a straight line the baby will be a boy.
    • America: If a mother’s feet are colder when she’s pregnant, it’s a boy; if her feet are warmer, it’s a girl.

    Pregnancy Myths:

    Myth #1: Scratching Will Give You Stretchmarks

    Stretchmarks are hereditary and nothing that you do or do not do can prevent you from getting them. Drinking plenty of fluids and eating foods that are high in good fats and Omega 3s can help as can rubbing natural plant-derived oils and lotions into your belly. If itching is unbearable, you should tell your doctor as it may be a sign of health problems.

    Lotions that contain only natural ingredients can help diminish the appearance of stretchmarks and may also help relieve itching, but scratching cannot contribute to stretchmarks, so feel free to scratch away.

    Myth #2: Telling You the Baby’s Gender

    It is impossible to tell your baby’s gender from the way you are carrying, how often the baby kicks, how nauseous you are, what you are craving, your skin condition, or from the baby’s heart rate. While trying out the old Wive’s Tales may be fun, it’s not advised to paint the nursery based on any of the results.

    Myth #3: Wearing a Necklace Will Choke the Baby

    The vast majority of pregnant women wear a necklace during pregnancy and it has nothing to do with whether the baby will be born with or without a cord wrapped around its neck.

    Myth #4: The Baby Will Die If It Is Born With a Cord Around Its Neck

    It is an extremely common myth that a baby is in danger if it is born with the cord wrapped around its neck. Many babies, at least one in four, are born with the cord wrapped around their necks. It is simply unavoidable, inevitable, and is quite common. Occasionally, and it is rare, a baby may have the cord wrapped multiple times around the baby’s neck. While cord accidents do happen, they are very rare occurrence.

    Myth #5: If You Have Heartburn Your Baby Will Have a Lot of Hair

    Heartburn is caused by the baby pressing against the stomach and pushing stomach acids into the esophagus. It has nothing to do with how much hair the baby has.

    Myth #6: Drano Mixed With Urine Will Determine the Sex of Your Baby

    Drano mixed with urine will not tell you the sex of your baby. It is also extremely dangerous and should never, EVER, be tried by anyone, especially pregnant women. Mixing Drano with anything can result in severe burns or explosions.

    Myth #7: Pregnant Women Should Not Take Baths

    It is perfectly safe for a pregnant woman to take a bath so long as the water is not too hot. A pregnant woman’s body temperature should not be raised over 101 degrees Fahrenheit for prolonged periods of time. Bathing will also not cause a woman to get a vaginal infection. If, however, your water has broken, you should not sit in standing water without consulting your healthcare practitioner.

    Myth #8: You Are Eating For Two

    Pregnant women do not need to “eat for two.” When pregnant, a woman only needs to eat a few more calories each day than she normally would. Dieting is not a good idea during pregnancy, but you should also not be eating junk foods or more than you feel that you need. Pregnant women do not need to meet any daily requirement for calories. Just eat when you are hungry.

    Myth #9: You Should Only Sleep on Your Left Side While Pregnant

    Unless a woman has health problems or has been advised by her healthcare practitioner, it is perfectly safe to sleep in any position that you feel most comfortable.

    Myth #10: You Can Safely Drink a Small Amount of Alcohol While Pregnant

    While many people believe that a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy will not hurt their baby, the truth is that there are no studies that show alcohol as safe in ANY levels during pregnancy. Fetal alcohol syndrome can be caused by excessive drinking or by minimal drinking. It is not yet known if even one drink may have adverse effects on a developing fetus.

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