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New Year’s Superstitions About Food

Black-Eyed Peas and Greens In the South, it’s a time-honored tradition to consume black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. These little legumes are believed to attract general good luck. Additionally, greens like cabbage, collard...


Friday the 13th Superstitions

The idea that Friday the 13th brings bad luck has its roots in both Norse and Christian beliefs. The Scandinavian’s believed that the number 13 was unlucky due to the mythological 12 demigods being...


Fish and Fishing

Good luck omens: Putting a coin on a float. Throw back the first fish you catch then you’ll be lucky the whole day fishing. A fish should always be eaten from the head toward...



Hang a plastic bag filled with water at each door and window to keep flies from coming into the house.


Four-leafed clover

If you own a four-leafed clover you will have good luck in racing, and witchcraft will have no power over you. However the rules are that you must always have it with you, you...



To tell the time, blow three times at the seed head of a dandelion. The number of seeds left is the hour. To find out how long you will live, blow the seeds off...

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In Japan and Taiwan, there is a superstition that four is an unlucky number because the number four has the identical pronunciation as the word ‘death’, so most people tend to avoid it and...

Flower Petals 0

Flower Petals

Young girls play a game where they pull the petals off of flowers using an alternate saying of “he loves me” and “he loves me not” with each petal pulled. Many believe that the...

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Ukrainian: Never buy an even number of flowers for someone unless it’s for their funeral.

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Fingers and Hands

Fingers Crossed: By making the sign of the Christian faith with our fingers, evil spirits would be prevented from destroying our chances of good fortune. If you cross your fingers when you make a...