All the bits of strange your grandparents lived by & warned you about.



Dreams at night are a devil’s delight, Dreams in the morning, heed the angels’ warning. If you have the same dream three times in a row, its bound to come true. To dream of...

superstitions and beliefs about angels 0


Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets its’ wings. When an Angel misses you, she/he tosses a penny down, and is letting you know that she/he is watching over you.


Same Name

In Turkey it’s believed that if you stand between two people whose names are the same, you should wish for something because your wish will come true. Reference



In Taiwan, the color red means luck and happiness. For example, during the Chinese New Year period, we decorate everything in our house, using the red color. And, at a wedding, we also wear...

Saint Antonio 0

Saint Antonio

In Mexico, many women think that if they want to find a boyfriend, they must buy a stamp or statue of San Antonio. After they buy the stamp or statue, they need to put...

Spit Over Your Shoulder 0

Spit Over Your Shoulder

In Kyrgyzstan, people don’t talk about their plans which have not been realized yet because they think good luck will be lost. If you talk about your plans or hopes, you need to immediately...



In Korea, on the day when you have a big test, you are not supposed to wash your hair. People believe when they wash their hair, their memories are cleaned by the water. Consequently,...

Four 0


In Japan and Taiwan, there is a superstition that four is an unlucky number because the number four has the identical pronunciation as the word ‘death’, so most people tend to avoid it and...

Shooting Stars and Celestial Bodies 0

Shooting Stars and Celestial Bodies

Many superstitions are associated with heavenly bodies. Comets in all societies were supposed to bring bad luck. Seeing a shooting star is supposed to bring bad luck in India, but good luck in western...



Though individual athlete’s are known to have some very personal superstitions about what to do or not to do, before, during and after a game, here are some common superstitions in the world of...