Actors: luck in the dressing room

It is good luck to:

  • Have telegrams on the dressing room walls.
  • Have dolls and other mascots in the dressing room.
  • Dance on accidentally dropped powder.
  • Accidentally smear lipstick on your teeth when putting makeup on for a play.
  • Keep a lucky rabbit’s foot in the makeup box.
  • Kick off a pair of shoes and have them land on their soles.
  • Leave a dressing room with the left foot first.

It is bad luck to:

  • Carry a makeup box.
  • Upset a makeup box.
  • Use a new set of greasepaint on opening night.
  • Clean a makeup box.
  • Have an actor look over your shoulder while you are making up.
  • Leave a piece of soap behind that you have been using on tour.
  • Have pictures in the dressing room.
  • Kick off your shoes and have them fall over rather than land on their soles.
  • Put shoes on a chair in the dressing room.
  • Leave a dressing room with the right foot first.

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