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If ant hills are high in July, the coming winter will be hard. If ants their walls do frequently build, rain will from the clouds be spilled.


Actors: general good and bad luck omens

It is good luck to: Wear a wig. Find a piece of cotton on another actor and wind it around your finger Perform Cinderella. Have a hunchback in the company. Have visitors enter dressing...


Actors: luck in the dressing room

It is good luck to: Have telegrams on the dressing room walls. Have dolls and other mascots in the dressing room. Dance on accidentally dropped powder. Accidentally smear lipstick on your teeth when putting...

superstitions and beliefs about angels 0


Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets its’ wings. When an Angel misses you, she/he tosses a penny down, and is letting you know that she/he is watching over you.



If your apron string becomes loosened, your true love is thinking of you. ¬†New York. If your apron drops off, you’ll lose your beau. The same is true if you lose your garter. ¬†Stevens...



Bringing an ax into the home brings death. It’s bad luck to dream about an axe. Having cattle step over an axe when taken out of the pasture for the first time in spring...


Automobile Racing

The following things bring bad luck for race car drivers: Talking to a woman before a race Getting into the car on the side of the exhaust pipe. Walking in front of the car...

Automobile 0


Good luck: Transferring “lucky” items from an old car to a new car. Buying the car of a wealthy person increases your chances of becoming wealthy too. Bad luck: Buying a car on the...

Aurora Borealis 0

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, is the name given to the colored lights in the sky observed in the extreme Northern Hemisphere. Seeing the aurora borealis means there will be war. Spirits cavorting...

Ashes 0


See also FIRE In the home: Scattering ashes over the roof of a house protects it against thunder and lightning. Sweeping out ashes on Christmas is bad luck. Sweeping out ashes on a Friday...