Bat Superstitions

bat superstitions

Indoors Superstitions About Bats

Bat Landings and Omens

Ever had a bat fall on you? According to superstition, that’s a stroke of luck. However, it takes a dark turn if you bring a bat into your home; it’s considered an ominous sign, foretelling a death in the family. And if a bat swoops in uninvited during a wedding ceremony, it’s believed to be a bad omen, as if the ghostly realm might be involved.

The truth is, if you encounter a bat inside your home you should get checked by a medical professional as soon as possible. Any type of physical contact with a bat, even if it doesn’t bite you, carries the potential for contracting rabies. Rabies is often fatal for humans and pets if not treated within a very short amount of time, so if you find a bat in your house, go see a doctor right away!

Flying Fortunes

Winged Prophecies

Bats in flight come with their own set of superstitions. If a bat circles a house thrice, it’s seen as an omen of death. However, witnessing bats gracefully gliding in the early evening sky is believed to signal fine weather ahead. On the flip side, if a bat flies into a building, rain might be on the horizon. And remember, spotting a bat during daylight brings its own dose of bad luck.

Life and Death

The Consequences of Killing

Superstition warns against taking the life of a bat, suggesting it could shorten your own. There’s a certain reverence for these creatures, even in their passing.

Parts of a Bat

Odd Talismans

Bats’ bones and body parts are believed to carry luck and mystical properties. Keeping a bat bone in your clothes is considered fortunate. The right eye of a bat, if tucked into your waistcoat pocket, is said to render you invisible. Powdered bat heart, a peculiar remedy, is thought to halt bleeding or stop a bullet. Washing your face in bat’s blood? Supposedly, it grants the ability to see in the dark. A few drops of bats’ blood in a drink? An elixir for passion.

Warding Off Misfortune

Chanting Away Bad Luck

To ward off bad luck when encountering a bat, a whimsical chant is employed:

“Airy mouse, airy mouse, fly over my head. And you shall have a crust of bread. And when I brew and when I bake, You shall have a piece of my wedding cake.”

Whether in flight, indoors, or as unconventional talismans, bats play a prominent role in superstitions, blending fear and fortune in the delicate fabric of belief.

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