• It’s bad luck to meet a barking dog early in the morning.
  • It’s good luck to meet a Dalmation or a Greyhound with a white spot.
  • Black poodles appear on the graves of clergymen who have broken their vows.
  • It’s good luck for a strange dog to follow you home.
  • When a strange dog enters your house it’s a symbol of a new friendship.
  • In baseball, It’s bad luck for the batting team if a dog walks across the playing field.


  • A dog running between a dating couple means they will fight and not marry.
  • A dog running between a woman’s legs means her father or husband will punish her for something.

Colored dogs:

  • It’s good luck for a black dog to follow you home.
  • If you dream of a black dog, or to see an image of a black dog in a fire, means a friend is near.
  • It’s bad luck if a black dog crosses in front of you.
  • It’s good luck to see a white dog before noon.
  • It’s good luck to see three white dogs together.
  • Regarding business, if a black and white dog crosses your path while you are on your way to a meeting, you’ll have good luck in your dealings.

Weather omens:

  • If a dog retreats under a table or into a corner, bad weather is coming.
  • Dogs eat grass and scratch for long periods of time when rain is coming.


  • Melted dog fat alleviates rheumatism.
  • Wearing a dried dog’s tongue aroudn the neck cures scrofula
  • A dog’s lick can cure sores on skin.

Death Omens:

  • A dog howling at an open door for no reason.
  • A dog howling outside at night.
  • A dog howling once and then falling silent.
  • A dog howling three times and then falling silent.
  • A dog howling persistently in front of a house where someone lies ill.
  • A dog digging a hole in your garden.
  • A dog sleeping with it’s paws curled up and tail outstretched.

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