fingernailsIf the fingernails or toenails of an infant are cut previous to the age of 12 months, it will prove a thief in mature age.

In seventeenth century England it was believed that if the fingernails of a sick person were mixed with wax, and this wax was fixed on the door of another person before sunrise it would transfer disease from one person to another. Sometimes the clipping of hair and nails of a child tied up in linen cloth were kept under the cradle in the firm belief that it would cure convulsions. It was also believed that if the crown of the head was shaved and the ahir hung upon a bush, the birds would carry it away along with the cough that patient was suffering from.

Choosing to cut your hair or nails on a particular day means the following:

  • cut them on Monday, you cut them for health;
  • cut them on Tuesday, you cut them for wealth;
  • cut them on Wednesday, you cut them for news;
  • cut them on Thursday, a new pair of shoes;
  • cut them on Friday, you cut them for sorrow;
  • cut them on Saturday, see your true love tomorrow;
  • cut them on Sunday, the devil will be with you all the week.

It is unlucky to cut fingernails on a Friday or Sunday.

Specks on the nails:
yellow = death; black = ill-luck; white = good fortune to come.

If a woman cuts the nails of her right hand with her left hand she will have the upper hand in marriage.

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