Hair Superstitions

hair superstitions

Weathering the Mane

An Uncovered Bald Head and Rain

Ever heard that an uncovered bald head will bring rain? This superstition suggests a curious connection between the state of your hairline and the weather.

The Lunar Locks

Moonlit Mysteries

Choosing when to cut your hair is a matter of lunar alignment. Cutting it during the waning moon is believed to cause it to fall out and lose its shine, tempting fate if done by your own hand.

Academic Hair Wisdom

Testing Tresses

It’s believed that washing your hair the day before a test is a no-no. This superstition hints at an ancient belief that certain actions, like washing your hair, could influence your fate.

Days of the Week Decisions

Cutting and Consequences

Cutting hair on different days holds distinct significance. Each day is associated with a particular outcome, from health to sorrow, and even predicting meeting your true love.

Choosing to cut your hair (or nails) on a particular day means the following:

  • cut them on Monday, you cut them for health;
  • cut them on Tuesday, you cut them for wealth;
  • cut them on Wednesday, you cut them for news;
  • cut them on Thursday, a new pair of shoes;
  • cut them on Friday, you cut them for sorrow;
  • cut them on Saturday, see your true love tomorrow;
  • cut them on Sunday, the devil will be with you all the week.

Friday cut hair, Sunday cut horn, better that man had never been born!

A shave or hair cut on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday could lead to dire consequences and perpetual debt.

Locks of Fate

Forehead Follicles

A lock of hair over the forehead, often referred to as a widow’s lock, holds a superstition. If cut before marriage, it’s said the girl will be a widow. The positioning of hair on a woman’s forehead can even be linked to her spouse’s longevity.

If a woman’s hair grows in a low point on her forehead in a widow’s peak she will outlive her husband. If a woman suddenly develops curls on her forehead her man has not long to live.

On a man, if the hair grows low on the forehead and back above the temples he will have a long life.

Grey Matters

Grey Hair Wisdom

Pulling out grey hairs is frowned upon in superstition, as it is believed one will be replaced by ten. Sudden whitening of hair due to fright has been a longstanding belief.

Ominous Omens

Sudden Loss of Hair

A sudden loss of hair is seen as an omen, predicting a decline in health, loss of property, business failure, or even the death of a closely related child.

Colorful Interpretations

Hues and Traits

Hair color carries its own superstitions. Red hair is linked with fiery temperaments, while black and dark brown hair are associated with strength. Fair hair, on the other hand, is often considered indicative of timidity.

Foretelling the Future

Burning Strands

Burning strands of hair is a method to foresee your future. If they burn brightly, it’s believed to indicate a long life. However, if they splutter and smolder, it’s considered a death omen. Remember, cut-off hair should always be burned to avoid possible ill omens.

Hair superstitions weave a fascinating tapestry of beliefs, connecting personal grooming choices to fate and fortune.

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