It’s good luck to see a donkey.
When a pregnant woman sees a donkey, her child will grow up well behaved and wise.
It’s good luck to find a dead donkey. (?!)
A donkey that won’t stop braying and twitching it’s ears is an omen that rain is on the way.


  • A child sitting on the back of a donkey that circles nine times will be cured of whooping cough.
  • Hairs from a donkey’s back cure fits, convulsions, toothache, and teething trouble in babies.
  • The right hoof of a donkey protects against epilepsy.
  • Passing a patient under a donkey’s belly and over its back cures whooping cough and ague.
  • Feeding a donkey the hairs from a patient cures the patient of scarlet fever.

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