Superstitions About Death

If you trip and fall in a graveyard you will most likely die by the end of the year.

If you meet a funeral on the road you must turn and walk with the funeral party for at least four steps to warn off bad luck.

If a bird enters the house there will be a death in the family.

If you open your front door and are greeted by a magpie and it looks at you. Then there is absolutely not thing you can do. This is a sure sign of death.

Seeing a single crow is very unlucky. But 2 mean good luck! 3 means health, 4 means wealth, 5 is sickness & 6 mean death!

If an undisturbed mirror suddenly falls and breaks, there will soon be a death.

On New Year’s Day, if the wind blows from the west, the year will witness plentiful supplies of milk and fish but will also see the death of a very important person. Also, washing may cause a relative’s death.

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