Brooms and Sweeping Superstitions

broom and sweeping superstitions

Bewitched Brooms and Sweeping Superstitions

Broom Bedlam: Leaning Brooms and Bed Spells

One of the most common beliefs surrounding brooms and sweeping is not to lean a broom against a bed. The evil spirits residing within the broom are believed to cast a malevolent spell on the bed. This belief reflects the ancient idea that inanimate objects can harbor supernatural forces, cautioning against seemingly harmless acts.

After-Dark Sweeping: Inviting Mysterious Guests

Sweeping trash out the door after dark is thought to summon a stranger for an unexpected visit. This belief, shrouded in nighttime mystery, suggests a connection between nocturnal activities and the potential arrival of an unforeseen guest, adding an air of intrigue to mundane chores.

Love and Sweeping: The Feet Marriage Omen

What happens if you sweep someone’s feet? If someone sweeps over your feet folklore suggests that you might never get married. This superstition weaves a connection between the mundane act of sweeping and the romantic fate of those whose feet fall victim to the broom’s bristles.

Broom Migration: Moving, Luck, and Old Brooms

Moving house with an old broom is considered a harbinger of bad luck. To avoid carrying over past misfortunes, it is believed that one must part ways with the old broom and welcome a new one into the new home. However, a glimmer of hope exists for those sentimentally attached to their brooms – sweeping something into the new house first can supposedly safeguard against the jinx.

Sweeping Away Unwanted Guests: Post-Departure Rituals

To prevent an unwelcome guest from making a return visit, a peculiar post-departure ritual involves sweeping out the room they occupied immediately after their exit. This act is steeped in the belief that the sweeping motion serves as a symbolic barrier, ensuring that the undesirable visitor does not return.

Spitting and Legal Safeguards: A Spit on the Broom

If the broom touches your feet during the sweeping process, folklore dictates that you must spit on it. The peculiar ritual stems from the fear of legal repercussions, with the belief that failure to spit on the broom might lead to a family member being sent to jail. This unusual connection between broom contact and legal matters underscores the intricate web of superstitions.

In superstitions surrounding brooms each belief unfolds a story of mystical connections, cautionary tales, and age-old practices. From warding off unwanted guests to ensuring matrimonial fate, these broom-related superstitions offer a glimpse into the cultural intricacies and folk beliefs that have endured through generations. So, the next time you reach for a broom, remember, you might be weaving more than just cleanliness – you could be shaping your destiny according to ancient beliefs.

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