bagpipes-playerIn Italy, bagpipe drones are traditionally tied with red ribbon to ward off the devil.

Some believe that you should only walk clockwise, never walk counter-clockwise while playing piobaireachd.

Many people believe that you should never play Lord Lovat’s Lament at a wedding. This one has some historical basis to it. Simon Fraser kidnapped, raped and forced into marriage the Widow of the 10th Lord Lovat. During the attack, he had his piper play so that the music would cover up the screams and protests.

The tune “Flowers of the Forest” holds many superstitions. This tune was written by Jean Elliot of Teviotdale as a lament for the defeat at Flodden Field in 1513. Thousands of Scots were killed including several nobles, and King James IV. This tune is often performed at funerals and memorials. Some pipers believe that it is bad luck to play the tune unless someone has died. To do so would bring an impending death to someone close to the piper. Others say that the tune is not to be played in public unless it is at a funeral. Some believe that the tune should not be played indoors for any occasion. Another superstition says that when practicing “Flowers of the Forest”, you must only play on the chanter, not the bagpipes.

Reference: Rauncie_Kinnaird

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