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wood-ashes-00In the home:

  • Scattering ashes over the roof of a house protects it against thunder and lightning.
  • Sweeping out ashes on Christmas is bad luck.
  • Sweeping out ashes on a Friday is bad luck.
  • Sweeping out ashes after four in the afternoon is bad luck.


  • Spreading ashes on crops at Midsummer brings a good harvest.
  • Scattering human ashes to the wind helps crops.


  • Mixing ashes into the food of livestock makes animals strong and healthy.


Smooth out the ashes of the hearth on New Year’s Eve and in the morning look for shapes found there.

  • Image: Footprints leading toward the door = death in the family
  • Image: Footprints leading away from the door = a birth
  • Image: A ring = a wedding
  • Image: A coffin = a death

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