Ascension Day

According to the Christian calendar, Ascension Day represents the day Christ ascended to heaven and occurs on the Thursday following the fifth Sunday after Easter.

  • Working on Ascension Day is bad luck and brings about accidents.

Weather Omens:

  • Sun on Ascension Day foretells a long hot summer.
  • Rain on Ascension Day means cattle will suffer disease and crops will fail.
  • On Ascension Day clouds form the image of a lamb.


  • Eggs laid on Ascension Day will never go bad.
  • Eggs laid on Ascension Day and placed on the roof will bring good luck for the whole year.


  • If you make a gift to the blind or poor you will be blessed with great wealth during the year.


  • Biting into the bark of a peach tree at midnight on Ascension Day cures goiter.
  • Rain collected on Ascension Day cures eye problems.

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