See a penny pick it up,
all day long you’ll have good luck.
See a penny let it lie,
all day long you’ll have to cry.

You’ll have good luck if you pick up a coin and it’s heads side up. Bad luck if it’s tails.

Early American thin silver coins were bent twice to ward off witches, while a single bend attested to a loved one.

A silver dime in the churn would ensure a plentiful amount of butter that wasn’t hexed.

A bride should walk down the aisle with an English six-pence in her shoe for a lucky marriage.

Toss a coin into a pool of water for luck. Make a wish on the coin and it will come true.

A silver coin is placed under the mast of a ship as it is built to ensure smooth sailing.

Slip coins under the welcome mat to keep bad luck from visiting.

Placed a coin in the four corners of a room to bring wealth and good fortune.

Fisherman put a coin on a piece of wood and let it float away to ensure a good catch.

Russians believe that scattering coins all over your house will bring wealth.

Carry a coin in your pocket to attract other money.

Coins were placed on the eyes of the dead to pay Charon their passage across the river Styx and into the afterlife.

English pennies were used on the eyes of the dead because they were heavy and kept them closed so that the dead would not find someone to go with them.

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