Splitting The Pole Superstition

don't split the pole because it will bring bad luck

When it comes to peculiar beliefs, “splitting the pole” or “don’t split the pole” stands out. This superstition suggests that if you’re walking with someone and encounter an obstacle like a pole or a traffic sign, it’s crucial not to separate and walk around it on opposite sides.

The belief is that splitting the pole brings bad luck. To counteract this, those who adhere to the superstition often say, “Bread and Butter” three times when forced to take different paths around the obstacle.

This quirky belief is passed down through generations, sometimes within families. For instance, in some cases people may inherit the superstition from their parents, emphasizing the cultural and familial aspects tied to such practices.

So, the next time you find yourself navigating obstacles with a friend, remember to stick together and avoid the dreaded act of splitting the pole. After all, who wants to risk bad luck over a simple sidewalk encounter?

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