Shooting Stars and Celestial Bodies

Many superstitions are associated with heavenly bodies. Comets in all societies were supposed to bring bad luck. Seeing a shooting star is supposed to bring bad luck in India, but good luck in western countries. Eclipses are still a cause of concern in India, and are supposed to bring bad luck. No food is taken during an eclipse and all cooked food is thrown away and fresh food cooked after the eclipse is over. Money and food grains are given in charity to mittigate the evil effects of an eclipse. A pregnant woman is not allowed to sleep during an eclipse for fear that if she slept the baby would be born with a dfect, Pregnant women spend the whole night sitting on the ground during a lunar eclipse. The pregnant woman is not allowed to come out of the house or look towards the sun during a solar eclipse for fear of having a congenitally defective baby.


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