Saint Antonio

In Mexico, many women think that if they want to find a boyfriend, they must buy a stamp or statue of San Antonio. After they buy the stamp or statue, they need to put it upside down and light a candle in front of it. Then they need to say a little prayer asking for a boyfriend. If they repeat this every day for two weeks, they will finally find a boyfriend.

I found this story while looking for a photo online of St. Antonio…

Once a girl was very desesperate of marry…no man wanted her…so she ask to St.antonio..some time passed and nothin’ happened…the girl was very very angry with him (the statue of the st.Antonio), and then she throw off the window the saint, without know, and the saint statue broke in a Man head…the girl saw, and said sorry, and the man fall in love for her…then, they married 🙂

So he’s called St.Antonio of weddings 🙂

anyway–> all years couples marry in his day 🙂 it bring lucky to the couple 🙂

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