All the bits of strange your grandparents lived by & warned you about.



The hawk is considered a messenger, protector and visionary. Keen vision is one of its greatest gifts. Hawks see things others miss. The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to...



When a mermaid is captured and held captive, it results in a big flood.



In Japan, if you put a piece of snake skin into your wallet, you are going to become rich or find money. Snakes are a symbol of money and wealth in Japan. Some people...



In medieval Britain, parents sometimes believed that their child had been taken away by the fairy people and substituted with a changeling. There were a number of tests to find out. One was to...



If your ear is burning (or tingling), then someone is talking about you. To determine whether what they are saying is good or bad, remember this rhyme, – Left for love, Right for spite!...



Saying God Bless You When Somebody Sneezes: When the great plague swept Europe., sufferers began sneezing violently which was a sign of death. The Pope therefore passed a law requiring people to bless the...


Sewing and Knitting

See also: Dresses and Dress Making If you drop a knitting-needle, you won’t be married during the present year. If you break many needles in a garment, it will be worn at a wedding....

Italian superstitions 0

The Evil Eye – Malocchio

If we sneezed during a conversation about sickness or death, we were supposed to pull on our left ear to ward off the evil eye. If we knocked over the salt, we had to...


Pregnancy & Predicting the Sex of the Baby

See also: Babies and Birth Superstitions Malaysia: When in labor, neither mother or father should sit at the top of the stairs, as blocking any passage prolongs delivery. If you are pregnant, wear perfume...