Superstitions About How to Bring Snow During the Night.

stop_praying_for_snowNew Jersey children who wish for a snow day off from school believe that if you wear your pajamas to bed inside out and backwards it’s sure to snow during the night.

Other activities that should provoke overnight snowfall are:

  • Sleep with a soup spoon, a wooden spoon or something silver under your pillow
  • Throw ice cubes at a tree
  • Put a frozen white crayon under your bed
  • Flush ice cubes down the toilet
  • Sleep backwards in your bed
  • Sleep with toothpaste on your nose
  • Kiss a tree
  • Run around the house 5 times
  • Wearing pajamas, run five times around the kitchen table in each direction
  • Wearing pajamas, spin around ten times in each direction
  • Put a spoon in the Freezer
  • Put a white plastic spoon on your bedroom windowsill
  • Put a white stuffed animal toy on your windowsill
  • Line your bedroom doorway with white chalk
  • Line your bedroom doorway with white crayons

A related superstition is about Inside Out and Backwards in general…

If you accidentally find yourself wearing or doing something inside out or backwards, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! But you must not correct yourself.

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