eclipseMedieval folk believed that sex during an eclipse would result in ugly demon-filled children. Europeans in the Middle Ages thought that you should never get it on during a lunar eclipse, because any “moon children” would be born with ugly demons inside them.

Pregnant women should not go out during an eclipse, to ensure they won’t give birth to a blind baby or one with a cleft lip.

Eskimos turn their utensils upside-down during an eclipse to stop disease from striking the family.

Many in Thailand think that an eclipse is a sign of the end of the world. In old times, it was thought that an evil spirit was to blame for the sun’s “going away” – so people would bang pots and set off fireworks to scare away the spirit and bring back the sun.

In India some think that you shouldn’t sleep with wet hair, or it might turn you into a lunatic. They also believe that you should take a bath before and after the eclipse, to wash away any evil spirits.

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