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Umbrella 0


It is unlucky to: It’s bad luck to open an umbrella indoors. Give or be given an umbrella Leave your umbrella at home Put an umbrella on the table Have a black umbrella on...

Windows 0


All windows should be opened at the moment of death so that the soul can leave.

Flowers 0


Ukrainian: Never buy an even number of flowers for someone unless it’s for their funeral.

Wren 0


A dead wren in your pocket will keep you safe at sea.



Bringing an ax into the home brings death. It’s bad luck to dream about an axe. Having cattle step over an axe when taken out of the pasture for the first time in spring...

Ashes 0


See also FIRE In the home: Scattering ashes over the roof of a house protects it against thunder and lightning. Sweeping out ashes on Christmas is bad luck. Sweeping out ashes on a Friday...

Donkeys 0


It’s good luck to see a donkey. When a pregnant woman sees a donkey, her child will grow up well behaved and wise. It’s good luck to find a dead donkey. (?!) A donkey...

Dolphins 0


If a dolphin changes color, death is near. Weather Omens: Dolphins playing in fine weather or near the shore means the weather will turn windy. Dolphins playing in the turbulent sea, or swimming to...

Dogs 0


It’s bad luck to meet a barking dog early in the morning. It’s good luck to meet a Dalmation or a Greyhound with a white spot. Black poodles appear on the graves of clergymen...