• Seeing a lone fox is good luck.
  • Seeing several foxes together is bad luck.
  • Seeing a fox near your home is an omen of disaster and death.
  • Being bitten by a fox is fatal, you will not live more than seven years.
  • Nailing a severed fox’s head to a barn door keeps witches away.


  • Laying a fox’s tongue on the skin draws out deeply embedded thorns.
  • A fox’s tongue applied to the eyes will cure cataracts.
  • Eating or carrying a fox’s tongue helps a person overcome shyness.
  • Carrying a fox’s tooth helps treat an inflamed leg.
  • Eating a fox’s liver cures coughs.
  • Drinking milk sipped by a fox cures whooping cough.
  • Drinking the ashes of a fox in wine cures respiratory problems and benefits the liver.
  • Rubbing fox fat into the scalp cures baldness.

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