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Spiders 0


Spiders are, naturally, good luck symbols for weavers and spinners, and by extension, those in the fabric and garment industry. The word ‘spider’ is derived from “spin”. According to some sources spiders also bring...

Wren 0


A dead wren in your pocket will keep you safe at sea.

Woodpecker 0


Expect a visitor if you hear a woodpecker picking on a tree in your neighborhood.

Ashes 0


See also FIRE In the home: Scattering ashes over the roof of a house protects it against thunder and lightning. Sweeping out ashes on Christmas is bad luck. Sweeping out ashes on a Friday...

Arrows 0


Wearing an arrowhead protects against the evil eye. Cattle suddenly coming down with illness have been “elf-shot” or pierced by fairy’s arrows. Drinking water into which a flint arrowhead has been dipped cures female...

Frogs 0


A frog coming into the house is lucky – some say good luck, some say bad luck. Finding a frog outside is lucky. Touching a frog makes you infertile. Carrying the bones of a...

Elephants 0


It’s good luck to see an elephant. Elephant hair bracelets are good luck. Ornaments or pictures of an elephant with it’s trunk raised will bring luck but only if placed to face a door...

Donkeys 0


It’s good luck to see a donkey. When a pregnant woman sees a donkey, her child will grow up well behaved and wise. It’s good luck to find a dead donkey. (?!) A donkey...

Dolphins 0


If a dolphin changes color, death is near. Weather Omens: Dolphins playing in fine weather or near the shore means the weather will turn windy. Dolphins playing in the turbulent sea, or swimming to...