• A frog coming into the house is lucky – some say good luck, some say bad luck.
  • Finding a frog outside is lucky.
  • Touching a frog makes you infertile.
  • Carrying the bones of a frog that has been ritually killed gives you magic abilities.
  • Putting a frog tongue on a person while they sleep will make them reveal their secrets to you.


  • Put a live frog in the patient’s mouth to cure thrush with the frog’s breath.
  • Wear the body of a dried frog or powered frog livers around your neck in a silk bag to avoid epilepsy.
  • Swallow live young frogs to cure weakness, consumption and cancer.
  • Rub a live frog on warts and impale the frog on a tree to die to make warts go away.
  • To cure whooping cough, eat frog soup.
  • To treat eye problems a volunteer must lick a frog’s eyes and then the eyes of a patient.

Frogs as weather omens:

  • A frog with shiny skin means fine weather is coming.
  • Frog spawn being laid at the edge of ponds means a storm is brewing.
  • A frog with dull skin is an omen of rain.
  • Frogs croaking during the day means rain is coming.

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