• It’s luck if a bat falls on you.
  • It’s an unlucky sign of a death in the family to bring a bat into the house.
  • If a bat flies into a house it is a sign that ghosts are about and maybe the ghost let the bat in.
  • It’s a bad omen if a bat appears during a wedding ceremony


  • A bat flying 3 times around a house is a death omen.
  • Bats flying around in the early evening is an omen of fine weather to come.
  • A bat flying into a building means it’s going to rain.
  • It’s unlucky to see a bat in the daytime.


  • Killing a bat shortens your life.

Parts of a bat:

  • It’s lucky to keep a bat bone in your clothes.
  • Keeping the right eye of a bat in your waistcoat picket will make you invisible
  • Carrying powdered bat heart will stop a man bleeding to death or will stop a bullet.
  • Washing your face in the blood of a bat enables you to see in the dark.
  • Slipping a few drops of bats’ blood into someone’s drink makes the drinker more passionate.

Avoid bad luck when you see a bat by saying:

Airy mouse, airy mouse, fly over my head.

And you shall have a crust of bread.

And when I brew and when I bake,

You shall have a piece of my wedding cake.

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7 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    Are there any parts of a bat that are unlucky? O.o

  2. Bob says:


  3. William says:

    I killed a bat with my car, and then I brought it into my house. Im scared. What do I do know? Please help.

  4. Someone u dunno says:

    What if someone dreams about a bright red bat flying into one’s house during broad daylight?

  5. Countrygal413 says:

    My dog found the bat flying in the house. The only option we had was ta kill it. =( What happens next?

  6. sebastian says:

    i wonder if this is true

  7. laura says:

    It’s pathetic that there are people gullible enough to believe this ignorant stuff!!

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