Gambling Good Luck and Bad Luck


Lucky things

• The famous four-leaved clover
• Carrying a horseshoe with you
• Dressing up to the nines
• Carrying with you a rabbit foot
• Wearing a certain piece of clothing that brings you luck
• A blow on the dice as you roll
• Keeping your casino chips in an orderly fashion
• Cross your fingers at the right time
• Playing with sympathetic dealers deemed lucky
• The colour red
• Crossing your legs while you gamble
• Pick up your cards in the same manner each time to attract luck
• Rub dice together before you roll

Unlucky things

• Never break a mirror, it brings seven years bad luck
• Avoid the colour black at all costs
• Never walk under ladders
• Keep dogs away from gambling tables
• Never let a black cat cross in front of you
• Do not let others touch your casino chips
• Avoid playing cards earlier than 6pm any given Friday night
• Never lend your money to another person while a card game is in progress
• Never drop your cards on the floor while playing
• Never sing while you gamble, especially if you have a bad singing voice!

In Norse folklore, acorns bring good fortune. You don’t have to find an oak tree, acorns made of silver, gold, wood or other materials will work just as well as real acorns.

Badger Tooth
Admittedly, getting your hands on a genuine badger tooth may prove a challenge. But if you can manage it, old gambling hoodoo says wearing the tooth on the left side of the body brings good luck.

Specifically three keys on the same ring is considered good luck. Keep them in your pocket.

Magic Square
The magic square is one of mankind’s oldest talismans. It consists of a grid of numbers that add up to the same total whether counted vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Holding the magic square while you play can magically bring forth the cards you need.

Mystic Knot
The mystic knot is the favorite symbol of the Goddess Lakshmi, the Indian Goddess of Wealth. The eight-looped knot overlaps itself so it appears to have no beginning or end. Keep it nearby when you gamble.

In days gone by gamblers would carry in their pocket a so-called “fixed nutmeg”–a whole hollow nutmeg filled with quicksilver (liquid elemental mercury). The charm was supposed to attract good luck related to money. Mercury is toxic, so using just a whole, unfilled nutmeg does the trick.

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