• It’s bad luck for Baseball season to begin on a Friday.
  • Fingers of a player’s glove must be left pointing to his team’s dugout when he goes to bat.
  • It’s bad luck for a player to meet a member of the clergy on the way to the baseball ground.
  • It’s bad luck to have a left handed pitcher on your team.
  • It’s bad luck for the batting team if a dog walks across the playing field.


  • It’s bad luck to lend your bat to a teammate.
  • A split bat is bad luck.
  • A bat left lying crosswise in front of a dugout is bad luck.
  • It’s good luck to leave a piece of chewing gum stuck to the top of a bat.
  • It’s good luck to spit on your hands before picking up a bat.
  • If a player changes bats after two strikes they will be struck out.


  • Player seeing a cross-eyed woman in the stands is bad luck.
  • It’s good luck for a player to see a red-haired woman.

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