All the bits of strange your grandparents lived by & warned you about.

Spiders 0


Spiders are, naturally, good luck symbols for weavers and spinners, and by extension, those in the fabric and garment industry. The word ‘spider’ is derived from “spin”. According to some sources spiders also bring...



An uncovered bald head will bring rain. If you shave your head on a Saturday, you will always be in debt. If you ever cut your hair at the waning of the moon, it...

Fingers and Hands 0

Fingers and Hands

Fingers Crossed: By making the sign of the Christian faith with our fingers, evil spirits would be prevented from destroying our chances of good fortune. If you cross your fingers when you make a...


Silverware and other Utensils

It’s bad luck to see knives with the blades crossed either in the drawer or on the worktop. If a friend gives you a knife, you should give him a coin, (now you are...

Wren 0


A dead wren in your pocket will keep you safe at sea.

Singing 0


If you sing before breakfast you’ll cry before night.

Feet 0


If you accidentally scrape your right foot on the ground while walking you will meet a friend. If you accidentally scrape your left foot on the ground while walking you will be disappointed. It’s...

Beards 0


Beware of the man, be he friend or brother, Whose hair is one color and beard another. It’s bad luck to cut your beard. You’ll have a lucky life if your beard is bushy....

Cheeks 0


If you feel your cheeks are hot or “burning” someone is talking about you. Right cheek, left cheek, why do you burn? Cursed by she that doth me any harm. If it be a...