To see a white owl during the day is a good omen, it means you are being watched over and guided by someone wise in the spirit world.

A typical myth is that if a white owl sits on your roof, someone within your household will be very ill, or signifies a death.

Petting an owl is absorbing mystical wisdom.

To be bitten by an owl means your children will be dumb.

(Reader Submitted by Pandora)

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5 Responses

  1. Hi my sister live in Hacienda Heights in Paso Real St. and across the street from her there is a tree with a lot of White owls.They talk all night and my sister said one time that she saw one staring at her in the morning and she and it were staring at each other for a while and I’d like to know what it means.

    A concerned citizen

  2. Greg says:

    I saw a white owl this morning getting attacked by a crow , does that mean anything

  3. kattie says:

    i saw an owl on my porch looking at me cuz every time i turn around it was there for bout 5 min

  4. Rebdomine says:

    I like the last part,”To be bitten by an owl means your children will be dumb.” Hilarious.

  5. say what? says:

    no fair!harry potter has great wisdome!!!!!XD

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