crowSeeing a single crow is very unlucky. Two crows mean good luck! Three  means health, Four means wealth, Five is sickness & Six mean death!

If you see three black crows together that means someone in your family will die. I saw three when my sister died a while back. My best friend’s father died around the same time.I’ve been seeing single black crows for some time now. I was told when this happens, I will hear of a death of someone I know. I remember this well, I was out on break at my job and a crow landed in front of my car and hawked at me. The same day, the vice president of my company died.

Submitted by,
Scott from New Bedford, MA

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  1. I’ve never been suprsticious about most things, but I do sometimes wonder about the sensitivity of animals and birds.

    In 1999 an owl sat out side my Fifth Avenue Apartment for weeks and each morning would give it’s owl sound. My wife was very sick at the time and did indeed die later in 2000.

    Just over three months ago In early April of 2010 I heard an owl out back of my apartment for a couple of days, then a Cardinal came flying up to my kitchen window. My daughter saw the Cardinal which was very animated at the open window with a screen on it. She commented “That the Cardinal seemed to be talking to her, trying to tell her something.” In less than two weeks my daughter was dead. She was in perfect health.

    I think that the explanation is simple. They have built into their brain and/or nervous system something that can pick up negative vibrations from afar of illiness or death. Just like bats with their built in radar.

  2. toby says:

    Hi, sorry to hear about terrible lost Scott. It’s always terrible when love ones past away and hope you and your family cope okay.
    But please do not state and mix up the gathering of animals with coincidental acts of death. There are millions of people who die and there as many millions of crows or what ever animal you choose to fit your belief that fly, crawl, swim around this little planet. Crows have as much insight as you and i have of telling what’s going to happen next. and yes its lovely to believe in such stories of woe, but its clearly not FACT! and every single creditable scientist on this planet with prove this to you

  3. Leah says:

    I have been plagued by crows since early 2010, since which i have had my long-term partner who i have 3 autistic children with leave me, my horse Claude god rest his soul died at the young age of just 9yo, my always reliable well kept car snapped a piston rod which stabbed a hole through the engine costing me thousands of dollars to get back on the road and is still undergoing repairs, i lost my house before all this and have moved to a homeless support unit also stayed in crisis motel type place and have been moved again into a different crisis housing place, i have lost my job and am struggling too survive, my children are the reason i carry on.

    But yet since my long-term partner and father to my three children has left, i am plagued by crows, they turn up at parks where i take my children on weekends, beaches, home, even at petrol stations i see them everywhere and cant help but think there must be some sort of link.

    Anyone with information please feel free to contact me via email

    I am keen for answers or ideas, the bad luck i have suffered over the past year has a reason or meaning behind it and i am determined to understand and learn more about it.


  4. samantha harris says:

    Hi,im 12 yrs old i truly do beleave this stuff but ive seen 4 crows the past few weeks and i want to know if thats a bad thing?

  5. irene says:

    everywhere i go it seems that a woodpecker is always there!..its weird but true!! almost looks like a woodpecker follows me !..i have had nothing but bad luck lately,I cant find work and it seems like my family is turning on me!!!….does a woodpecker mean bad luck?..if anyone knows what this could mean..please email me or find me on face book!

  6. christina says:


    i murder of crows i would say abut 60 of them.. for about 15 min over my house.. what does that mean??? forreal!!!

  7. karen says:

    Well there’s a bunch of crows where I live in south Texas.

  8. Cathy says:

    Yesterday on the top floor of a parking garage (9floors) a women committed suicide. My friend & I had just parked, saw the woman on the ledge when out of no where a black crow flew in front of our car causing us to look the other way. He perched next to our car on the ledge and stared at us. I asked him if a black crow meant somethings bad’s about to happen. He said “Yeah, only if there’s one”. We jumped out of our car, but she had jumped right when that crow landed 3′ from our car. I’m a believer.

  9. Destiny says:

    Me and my best friend Abby have been hunting ghoasts for a long time now and creepy things have started happening.Every time i see a crow something bad happens……………

  10. to ni says:

    i woke up early morning the other day freeking because i thought i could feel a bird in my hair and could feel wings flapping i was frantically trying to swwep it away..I thought i was just woken by a dream until 2-3 days later i found a dead crow/ black bird in one of my spare bedrooms.i didnt think anything of it until i was telling my step mom and she said she wasnt sure what it meant but she new she had herd things about it in the brother died just over a year ago and his birthday is this step mom thought he might have been trying to contact me.does anybody no what this may mean

  11. Nicole lopez raleigh nc says:

    Ok this is going to be weird. Last year I commited suicide by hang I was dead for twl hours before coming back. Shortly after my hanging crows started watching me following me everywhere I went kakaing at me all the time. I see things now like spirits and lights I feel presents of other people sometimes and when this happens crows are near. Its scary then the other day I went to a bird show they had a crow there I was drawn to tyis bird it allowed to me hold it rub it anf see for my own eyes the type of bird it now drawn to crows and I dont know what any of this means. Im a good person beautiful smart funny im not mean or bad or anything of evil,sorts. Why is this happening to me?

  12. Hi says:

    Hi I just saw a crow die in front of me from being hit by a car and then it was run over. What does that mean?

  13. busy says:

    i had two black crows attack me for two blocks whats the superstition in native american wen crows do that im looking for anwsers please e mail me thanx

  14. Gina says:

    My boyfriend passed away last Sunday. Two dys later I had a good friend stay w me because I didn’t want to be alone. My boyfriend always thought that me and my friend ha something going on because we are close and hejust happens to be a male. We walked outside to leave and there were 3 crows sitting in the tree and then they flew off. I was just wondering if that meant anything.

  15. Kailey says:

    I was on my way to get some sunflower seeds at my brother game I passed by a tree and a bird fell dead I was wondering if this was some kind of omen.

  16. Wendy says:

    This was very surreal. Can anyone explain ? It was my birthday on Friday 13th July. I am not superstitious but had a strange feeling all day that I couldn’t shake I returned home at lunchtime to find my bedroom in a mess with bird poo everywhere but no bird to be found. Only 2 high windows were open slightly. My 2 cats were not making a fuss in the room. Went out to celebrate and there was no further disturbance in the bedroom when I got home. At 5.30am I heard scratching behind the wardrobe and then a huge crow appeared on top of the wardrobe. How on earth did it get in ? I can’t imagine either of my cats could have caught and brought such a big bird through the cat flap and they wouldn’t go anywhere near it. I wasn’t scared, just amazed, and the bird caused no trouble and I let it out easily. But knowing of its reputation, the date and my search for a new direction in life, I can’t help but find it a little bit freaky and think there’s a message for me there. Your comments please !

  17. Hey says:

    I saw a lot of black crows the day before and the day my brother and his kids died. The day my brother died, my father looked at me and said, ” I just saw this big crow in front of your door.” I don’t know what they were looking for. It scared me, because at the time my mother was very ill. I thought it was death trying to take my mom. Later on that day, I was at work and got the new my brother died. Days later I saw several crows on the backyard deck which is connected to my mother’s room. I thought they were trying to tell me something again. I don’t know. My moms fine now. However, she is in a frail state.
    My question is, what is the crow trying to tell us. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus. I’ve never read anything about crows and death in the Bible. However, I cannot help but think those crows were there for a purpose.

    M m

  18. Jane Doe says:

    I heard a black crow outside of my garuge and it sounded like it wuz so close but its wierd cuz were i live there are no crows and i never even saw or heard one until this morning when i heard it caw, and now its only been an hour and im scared of wats to come

  19. Rosaline says:

    Hi all,
    I am a strong believer in the power of the crows. As a pagan, my beliefs only strengthen what others above are saying. Crows are messengers. They can tell you how the day will go, things that can happen in the future, or anything else really, as long as your heart and mind are open to the possibility. Daily I see crows, and a few of my wiccan and pagan friends believe that they are my spirit guide or protector if you will. Counting these “familiars” has become a past time and it has always told me of how my day will go. One is bad, two is good, three is a message, four a boy, five is for riches (haven’t seen five all together yet), and so on. There are a few rhymes for the numbers that can be easily found online. My most recent count was of 22, yet there has been no meaning as of yet. If you have any questions about crow numbers, I will be happy to try and help you! Message me at Blessed evening everyone!

  20. Ruth says:

    My daughter n I were leaving today n on my neighbors fence we saw one single crow,he didn’t fly away when we saw him n I don’t know if he made any noises because we had our windows rolled up.Does anyone know what this means.Help plez.

  21. rita says:

    A few days ago a family member saw 3 black birds seemed to be holding her sister’s oxygen mask on her face. It kept falling off and the person was having trouble breathing. The birds stayed there for a long while keeping the mask over her. Before my mother died, my sister saw a white dove fly over her (my mother’s) doorway late at night, where there are no doves in that area.

  22. rita says:

    A few days later after the 3 bird incident, her sister died. We just wonder why it came as 3 black birds instead of white ones.

  23. mark says:

    I forgot the name of the movie but it wa on sci-fi about a week or two ago.About some haunted farm and the guy who lived their killed his familily and then came bback to kill future family in the home and eventually pulled down into the deep of hell. In the movie it shows a great many black crows flying around the barn and house before the bad things happen.My home(not for long because of eviction) was bombarded with black crows yesterday.I heard one calling me to come out and when I did their were probably 50 of them looking at me from the roof and telephone wire in the back.It made my blood run cold and I went inside and shut the door.

  24. Jack Arable says:

    Interesting … what if you see eight crows at once???

  25. Idon'tbelieveinthesethings says:

    Well I saw many bunches of crows last year and I never heard of any bad luck, to myself or family or friends. And a lot of people must have seen them too, they were at school.

  26. Faith says:

    Last night my wife was laying down in bed pointing to the ceiling saying she saw 3 triangles(this was around midnight).. she was drawing them with her fingers..she said there was a big black bird that she could see. A few minutes after she started growling at me not too loud but a soft growl. At first I thought she was playing. She would do this off and on like if something was making do and sound like this. she even told me something wasn’t right. She told me she see’s a lady sitting down in a dark room that has red carpet and the room had columns in it. I asked who is was she said she didn’t know. But she said the same big black bird she saw was right next to the lady. I asked her if she could see they lady she said yes. I asked if they lady could see you she said yes. She said the lady had dark hair and white with a light complexion. i asked my wife to ask the lady for a name. Thats when i knew what I was dealing with. My wife told me a with a smirk and little growling voice “you already know who I am”. With the same voice she said “Can I ask you a question” I said no. She continued to smirk at me and said with the same eeary voice “if she doesn’t matter to you then maybe will hurt your daughter” (which my 3yr old was asleep right next to us). I know last night that was not my wife but I want to know if anyone out there can tell me what this may mean…the black bird, the 3 triangles, the red carpet in a room with columns and her answer when i asked for the lady’s name. Whats funny is that I did record this on a digital recorder. There were 3 sections. 2 sections recorded fine but the last which really everything was said only recorded 1 second! I just replayed everything for my wife to listen but she says she doesn’t remember anything. If anybody can shed some light here I would be thankful.

  27. tay says:

    Faith- sounds like your wife is possessed. I would seek help from a minister

  28. Cathy Teasley says:

    My father died 3 weeks ago…seconds before he took his last breath…a crow landed on the porch and looked through the window at us. My father died in my arms.

  29. Sarah Kleman says:

    I literally have a dead crow or raven from 15 ft.from my back door. I keep thinking it was a cat. but vultures dont even want it . its been there for 3 days

  30. Abid says:

    if i see 7 black crows what will happen or will i die

  31. Hera says:

    I was cleaning my house and i was going out to throw the garbage i saw 1 crow infront of our house above the garbage can I think he was just going to eat something inside the garbage then suddenly i came near him so it flew away but before i came near the crow theres another bird that makes sound teliing him to go away because i was almost near the crow. I’m just bothered does it mean anything? need help.

  32. Jen says:

    A crow flew onto my balcony and stayed for a few seconds before flying off. I was sitting inside, just a few feet away from it when the bird landed. Does this mean bad luck? If you have any insights, please email me at

  33. Ariana says:

    Hi I’m 13 years and for a couple months two crows have been following me and flying around me and above me. Does it really mean death? Cuz my mom recently found a lump in her breast but we’re not sure if its cancer but se won’t go get it checked out.!!! I was wondering what the crows meant, and the same word kept coming to my head… Death. I kept thinking “what if they’re trying to warn me about something. What if they’re signaling my death? Or someone else’s.” they’re also following my friends. Especially when I’m with them.. I’m scared.. Any help? And I already almost lost my mom from a car accident.. Please help!

  34. Audrey says:

    I looked out my window and seen 2 crows sitting on the railing of my deck, then one flew towards my window then they both flew off together. What could that mean??

  35. Lori says:

    My father passed away in march. Suddenly there were several yapping criws in my yard every day they were there for 3 months then suddenly I noticed a group if them flying very high in the sky above my yard in a circle. It looked as if they assended into the clouds. They have never come back. I have researched this and am convinced that the crows come to carry our souls from death to the next life. I am sure these crows took my father to heaven.

  36. Jordan says:

    I got home from work two crows were waiting for me. Every time Ioved they chirped and chirped. I hide behind a fence they leave to where their sitting a tree to fly and sit else where where they can see me. I enter my house through the back. I go in my basemt suit and look outy front window they fly to a tree and just stare at me chirping. Next day I’m home two hours later then normal which was yesterday. Today I’m home normal time and now there is four of them and they follow from front to side of house to back till I go in and them they flew to the front. WYF!!!????

  37. neal boyle says:

    did any of yous ever hear of crows committing suicide?? today I was driving out a country road nd there was just a crow there standing in the middle of the rod looking right back at us but didn’t even attempt to move, rest assured he got crossed but what is weird is a couple of months ago me and my friend were in the very same area and there was an oldish freaky woman just standing there staring into the ditch, this was at about dusk and she didn’t turn around or anything, even move, to see if we would hit here or anything, does any1 have any insight on this ,??

  38. midnight moon says:

    Im very unlucky

  39. raman says:

    From last 20 days one crow is roaming around our house. Whenever any member of the family goes upstairs he comes and starts shouting on us and some times he comes to our head also. What it means I am scared now pls tell ?????

  40. raman says:

    From last 20 days one crow is roaming around our house. Whenever any member of the family goes upstairs he comes and starts shouting on us and some times he comes to our head also. What it means I am scared now pls tell ????? Any body pls tell n guide . Still it is outside n silent may be crow is waiting

  41. mike says:

    I had a weird day, I drove to town which is 15 miles away, saw 3 crows almost every 3 miles on the road, no road kill. When I left to go home, not 1 crow. when I got home, I watched TV and whatever, 3 hours later I looked outside and saw 3 crows in the back yard. That freaked me out! kinda nervous from what I have been reading so far.

  42. Patrick says:

    I saw at least 20 to 30 crows flying around my trees the other night . flying in circles , then landing, then flying again . what does it mean ?

  43. Shelly says:

    I am not usually very suspicious and I decided to post this as I was looking back at an old text message conversation from a year ago between my sister and myself. In September 2012 a crow landed on my walkway in front of my house just as my youngest daughter got home from school. She refused to walk by it and I had to go outside and walk with her through the garage to get inside. 1 hour later it was dead right by my front door. I thought how creepy and dreaded having to dispose of it. Anyway my sister and I carried on a lengthy conversation by text about the dead crow at my door and if it meant anything. We both chalked it up to just being plain old creepy and forgot about. Now I am looking back at those messages as it was some of the last I had with my sister who died a few weeks later in a car accident. Whether it was a coincidence or a sign. I don’t know, but it was pretty uncanny that they say a dead crow symbolizes the death of someone close to you.

  44. Alan from Indiana says:

    There are too many things in our physical world that cannot be explained away by our “science”. When people realize this, they will begin to accept the concept that there is much more here than just the “physical”. Those that are too deeply rooted in the “physical” are always ready to bash those that are in the understanding/growing stage. There are many signs and symbols that even nature gives us. It’s up to us to determine what they mean to us and how (if at all) it will our lives and well being. So much more I could write here, but not much of a “blogger”. Be well.

  45. Julie says:

    When I hear a crow caw 3 times in a row, someone I know of will pass away with the next week. The closeness of the sound usually determines how close a relationship I had with the person.
    This has happened to me for so many years now, that it is not a coincidence. At first it used to annoy me, knowing that someone was going to pass on and there was nothing I could do about it. Now I see it as a warning sign so I am not so startled by the sudden loss of someone I know. I have learned to be thankful for it and pray for the person that will pass on.

  46. jack says:

    i saw a crow 3 times within 3 days..actually what does that means..???

  47. Jesica says:

    So what about 21 crows sitting on the wires in your backyard?

  48. csndra says:

    I saw 4 today. But 1 kind of flew off. So thus 3. What about that? :)

  49. albpbk says:

    I just had a crow flying through my house. Out of nowhere. Right over my head. I caught it and safely let it free. But what does this mean??

  50. celena romero says:

    Today was a really bad I woke up missed the bus and as I was running everything from my backpack fell out so I had to go upstairs and fix my things and ask my mom to take me to school as we were driving to school and stopped a crow went beside the car then flew away my mom said it was bad luck is it true??

  51. Wickedpa says:

    I learned this saying about crows while studying Witchcraft.
    “one crow for sorrow ,two for mirth, three for a wedding, fourth for a birth
    five for silver, six for gold and seven for secrets that haven’t been told”

  52. san says:

    last some of days 1or 2 crow was crying to see me ..
    what wsa the reason ????

  53. Simone says:

    Hi.. Im just wondering if anyone can help me.
    My Nonno (my grandfather) is in hospital dying. Unfortunately it is going to happen & is only a matter of time :'(
    He has gone through so much over the last 2 year’s – it’s heartbraking & cruel.
    It’s a very long story but his little companion (in my honest opinion) is waiting for him to die to be able to take whatever she can from him (money etc)

    The other day whilst driving his car home from the shops I witnessed a crow flying at almost ground level chasing an almost white cat. I was about a metre behind when they came straight out in front of me. I slammed on my breaks & instantly thought omg this poor cat.. I’ve gota get the crow away from it.

    I jumped out of my car & where I had stopped the cat had ran behind a fence & into some bushes. The crow was on the fence glaring at me. As I went closer to the bushes the crow looked at me & flew away (back in the direction it came) .. I instantly lent down “here pus pus” & the cat came out of the bushes & came straight to me & let me pat him or her. I felt like the cat was thanking me for saving him/her. I also felt the crow was majorly pissed off at me for stopping & wrecking whatever was about to happen.

    I cannot shake the feeling of watching the cat run from the crow – it was like I was there to protect this cat & stop the crow from hurting him.

    The same day I saw a group of crows (not sure how many.. At least 5 or 6) out the front of the hospital.. I looked at them & carried on. (really didn’t think anything about them) …

    Back to the cat. The cat was a little older (I could tell by his/her eyes) but so instantly loving towards me. It was white with black/grey patterns on the side. & I felt that crow was evil. . … If it didn’t fly away when it did I would have made it.

    Do we think this could somehow represent my grandfather & his gold digging lying cruel companion ?

    Please help. This is something I will think about for the rest of my life

  54. Dana says:

    Most of the time, I do not believe that crows are bad luck. They have done no harm to me, and usually, even a single crow brings barely any bad luck. The issue I have is that a murder of crows, probably between 50-100 have recently moved near my house, and follow me around, usually in groups of 3 or 6. 3 is health, but 6 is death. What does this many crows mean? I’m not very superstitious, but I feel like the fact that the crows from miles around moving to my neighborhood has to mean something. Help?

  55. marina says:

    Come on people it is only supertitions. I live in Tasmania with plenty crows around, does that mean now Im going to have a death somewhere, ridiculous.

  56. holly hood says:

    Last night a black cat appeared out of no where on my balcony almost as if someone threw him up there , then today seen 2 dead black crows , just wondering if this is superstitious or just coincidence

  57. stacey says:

    I eat lunch with crows everyday this year and I’ve had had some odd things happen this year some not so great and some just plain out of the ordinary but that’s just life. I like crows i think they are beautiful just like any other animal

  58. Nishant says:

    i saw a died crow in early morning and after half an hour again i saw a died crow. Anybody can help in this matter. Plz.

  59. shilo says:

    i live right downtown town.have never seen or heard a crow before.but toght at 1:30 am.i am walking my dogs and all i hear is a crow screaming above me.what does that mean?please i need to know

  60. Cassandra says:

    you know nothing of Crows. i am a contemporary pagan and crows have a religious meaning to me. the Crow is also my spirit animal. when you learn the language of the crow, then you may say that you know about the crow.

  61. sher mcwhirter says:

    my bf was sitting outside when he noticed a crow watching him close by , it was sitting onto a garbage dumpster and he was sitting on a picnic table haven a smoke , he got up to pace around and right then the crow flew towards him face level and he put his arms up and the crow bumped into him then flew off … does anyone kno f this is a sign of sumthing bad gunna happen ??

  62. Lana says:

    I am 50+ and since I was 14 I have had 3 crows around me. The crows are NEVER vertical when I look at them they are always always horizontal three in the roll. Sometimes I know when they are telling me to check on someone and tell them I love them. When they caw I know a death has happened and I write the time down. Usually it is within 2-3 min off the time of death. But they also warn me to be careful. But if anyone knows why they are ALWAYS lined up horizontally please let me know. TY.

  63. Paul Berry says:

    actually it does mean something…it means that there is a high probablilty that your boyfriend will die of lung cancer.
    Plus it means he will have spent hundreds of dollars on cigarretes that he could have spent on you.

  64. Helen says:

    My mom is Cherokee. Growing up I remember my telling us about signs of birds.I remember her telling us when my half brother passed that my dad worked in the coal mines when he came home from work and walked across the floor the sound of a bird chirping , my mom told my dad something has happen to one of your son’s , my dad told my mom it was just the floor she said no it wasn’t ,he told her to put his shoes on and walk across the floor she did no sound and my dad did and the bird would Start chirping It wasn’t long after that he was told his son was in the hospital my dad went and his son died that night.and another time they were going back east to visit family the day before my dad was sitting out side and a sparrow kept flying at him my mom told my dad something going to happen next day my dad’s appendix ruptured thank god he wasn’t on the bus. Right now I don’t know what to think I open my door and there sit a sparrow I talk to it and it just sit there I was so close to it when I open the screen he flew across to my neighbor and sit there looking at me. Any answer to this

  65. Lana says:

    Helen I would take that as a sign that you have a neighbor that’s too proud to ask for a personal help. I would keep visiting your neighbor to make sure that they know you are there for them and finally they will have confidence enough to speak to you about it.

  66. Brenda says:

    It states that if you see six crows flying or around your home it means death. My question is if I see six crows flying around my property does it mean I will die or someone I know will die?

  67. Jessica says:

    My boyfriend came home today from work and walked in to two big black crows in his little apartment that he shares with his two young children they came in threw a closet with a hole in the roof. The thing is not only were there two big black crows in his house they pooped on Everything and one was eating a cactus plant his mother gave him as a gift.. I am creeped out and do not know what this means … There are babies somewhere in the roof also

  68. Rosie says:

    I was coming home from work and saw a crow on the ground. I too ka closer look and I was a baby crow. Then a neighbour near by adviced that I should just leave the baby crow alone. Otherwise the mother crow will attack me. Which I didn’t realized 2 crows were watching me and flying over and kwaking. So I just leave the baby crow alone. As I leave, the two crows keeps following me home and kwaking. Flying over me and closer to my head. I run as the thought of being attack by this crow. After few weeks past by, this morning 2 crows keeps following me. Like literally from my house to the bus stop. Is it a bad luck or it’s just that because of the incident of the baby crow.

  69. Julie says:

    When I see crows they are always in packs of threes. Am I just missing the others? I’m really not seeking a mystical answer. I’m just curious if there is a natural reason.

    p.s. If every time I saw a three-pack of crows and it meant someone in my family would die, I’d be an orphan by now.

  70. Russo says:

    What does it mean when a crow drops dead in front of your home? As I left for work in the morning, I noticed a group of crows perched up on a small tree near my home and they all flew off except for one. When I arrived back home in the afternoon, I found it dead right underneath the branch it was perched on, with its eyes closed and with no signs of anything done to it physically. Does this mean anything?

  71. Lance says:

    Crows and all birds have to live somewhere…they are part of nature. Whether they are alone or in groups is also a part of their nature. Birds are social animals. They also die of sickness, disease and accidents in the wild…They dont choose (just like us humans and other animals) where to die or how, they just die. Whats wrong with you all? Where are they suppose to be if not flying around in the world? If it lands on your head and poops and says “Boooo you are going to die” then I’d say that means something but to see them fly around alone or in groups is part of nature. Sheeessshh!

  72. Russo says:

    Umm , perhaps you didn’t notice the name of this site, those asking the questions (myself included) are not looking for logical (normal) answers. We are looking for superstitious ones. That is why we chose this site to ask the question(s).”Sheeessshh!”

  73. Greg says:

    Last Friday I woke up to multiple crows, well, crowing, this was the loudest I have ever heard. There are very few crows in the area. Eventually the crowing got so loud my wife and I got up from bed and looked out the window. There was about 5-6 of them, at the bottom was a fox looking up at all of them, when the big ones being really loud saw us looking out the window, they all flew away. That day, was filled with bad things happening to me which lasted all the way through yesterday! I can’t imagine what it all could mean. I did move away from my tainted family, and changed my life around, it felt like someone had found me and was seriously wishing me bad. My mother in law visited us today, and she is undergoing chemotherapy and is very sick, they have not found the cancer to be back yet, but the side effects are quite horrible. Any thoughts out there?

  74. Claire says:

    what does it means anything when you see two crows cuddling

  75. Staggfury says:

    To Claire : It means baby crows .

  76. kiara says:

    a crow got ectrocutled in our street yesterday, today i have found another crow in my back yard dead, its feathers were all burnt this is weird could anyone tell me what might be happening

  77. I see two crows all the time but I have been seeing two of alot of things two magpies two baby’s two scan pictures two words buts always see crows when I was pergananent I seen alot of funeral cars and after 20 days of my daughter being born she passed away I am still heart broken but I thought I was getting ah message x

  78. Krystal Ryan says:

    Hello. I was searching for things about crows online because about ten minuets ago I was woken up out of a dead sleep to loud crows outside of my window. I got up to look and there were about 300 crows out there on the roof of the building next door. I snapchatted it until they flew away and they haven’t come back yet. I was wondering if anyone knew what this means or if me seeing 300 crows is bad or good?… I’m literally the only person that saw this in my house. I’m 16 yo by the way, idk if that matters but whatever. I’m a soul believer in superstitions and the paranormal. Thank you.

  79. Nakia says:

    A black crow came to my door and crowed twice then flew away. What does this mean?

  80. Tonya says:

    I am 45 years old and all of my life, birds have come to warn me when someone is about to die. Whenever a bird flies into my home or hovers at a window, it is a death omen. January 2, 2016, I was at WalMart and waiting out in the car for my husband to come out. Suddenly a red-tailed hawk appeared and sat right beside our car on the cart holder rail. A second before this, a small bird folded its wings and dived right before me. It frightened me and reminded me of when a bird fell dead at my step-dad’s car. He’d died that very night. So far, there have been many deaths after I saw these birds this year. Another time, I had a yellow finch sit on my window sill in 1997 and a week later a blonde cousin of mine got decapitated in a car crash. And in 2001, I was living in a different city and a yellow finch came to my work window at 1.30AM and a week later, the mother of my cousin that died in the car crash had died from cancer. I have so many experiences that I can’t post them in one post. But birds are definitely death omens, to me.

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