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Bed and Sleeping 0

Bed and Sleeping

Turning a feather bed on a Sunday gives the people who use it bad dreams for a week. Feather beds make it difficult for a dying person to die. Marriage If you make a...

bulls 0


Bulls are immune from being struck by lightning. Keeping a bull’s heart stuck with pins in the chimney will keep witches away. Bull’s testes were once thought to be aphrodisiacs.

Boars 0


The devil may take the form of a boar during the meetings of covens.

Beavers 0


If you see a beaver storing food logs, short lengths of aspen or birch with the bark still on, there will be an icy winter.

bear 0


Breeding: Bears breed only once in seven years and when they do they bring bad luck to all other breeding animals. Bears lick their newborn cubs into bear shape. Food: Bears gain their sustenance...

bats 0


Indoors: It’s luck if a bat falls on you. It’s an unlucky sign of a death in the family to bring a bat into the house. If a bat flies into a house it...

Badger 0


Keeping a badger’s tooth about your person brings good luck and makes you unbeatable at gambling games.